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Ava was found on the side of the road covered in bumps, bruises, and fleas, and brought here to the clinic that she would eventually be named after. The team helped her feel better, and the rest is history—Ava quickly decided that she would like to develop her management skills by sticking around! She’s been a member of the Avalon Veterinary Hospital family ever since.

Here at the hospital, Ava spends her time checking up on patients and relaxing in her basket. She’s most productive when she’s able to get at least four hours of sleep during the work day—her proudest accomplishment is developing the proper loving and cuddling skills in the Avalon Veterinary Hospital staff so that they’re able to pass along those talents to other visiting pets.

When she has time between her beauty naps and her duties as CEO, Ava enjoys eating and would stuff herself during every meal if she could. She’s still trying to talk Avalon Veterinary Hospital’s care team into tripling her diet plan!

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Photo of  Ava

Dr. Jennifer Morley

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Jennifer Morley has been smitten with pets ever since she can remember—she never even considered a career path other than veterinary medicine! Animal care is simply in her nature. Dr. Morley is proud to serve as an Associate Veterinarian here at Avalon Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Morley is a native of Central Illinois and attended Illinois State University to earn her bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry. Next, she headed to the University of Illinois’ College of Veterinary Medicine to earn her Doctorate and become a licensed veterinarian. Dr. Morley practiced in Illinois, Indiana, and Oregon before moving to Tulsa to continue her veterinary journey. She joined the Avalon Veterinary Hospital team in the spring of 2017, and brings with her special interests in feline medicine, behavior modification, geriatric care, and ophthalmology.

Dr. Morley and her husband of 25 years, Mark, have two boys named James and Jon. The family lives on a 20-acre farm that they share with a variety of wonderful pets. Dr. Morley has four dogs—Yadi the Doberman; a geriatric Labrador named Elvis; an elderly Yorkie mix named Daphne who was adopted back in Oregon; and a naughty pit bull mix who goes by Mabel—as well as two cats named Bob and Ramona. The family also lives with a fish named Garth, Violet the miniature pony, two Quarter horses called Diva and Lyric, and a gentle Appaloosa gelding named Spec.

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Photo of Dr. Jennifer  Morley


Receptionist and On-Site Nutritionist

Tianny can’t remember a time when she wasn’t passionate about animal care. She would constantly help all of the hungry, hurt, or sick animals in her neighborhood, and started volunteering with animals by the time she was only 13. Tianny hasn’t stopped caring for pets since!

A Tulsa native, Tianny first worked at a local hospital to gain crucial hands-on experience—she even had the opportunity to work with farm animals!—before transferring to another hospital in Tulsa. Tianny began studying at Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow, and she was thrilled to join the Avalon Veterinary Hospital team shortly afterward. She serves as a front-desk receptionist and as the clinic’s on-site nutritionist.

Around the hospital, Tianny loves seeing puppies and kittens grow and mature over time. She’s especially passionate about forming lasting bonds with the area’s pet parents and their companions—seeing furry family members and their owners live happier, healthier lives truly warms her heart!

Tianny’s interests outside of veterinary medicine include painting, reading, cooking, and spending quality time with her family and pets. She and her husband, Michael, share their home with a multitude of loveable companions: five dogs named Waya, Sequoyah, Leaotie, Koda, and Aldrea; a calico cat who goes by Iris; and Xena the bearded dragon.

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Photo of  Tianny


Practice Manager and Registered Veterinary Technician

Jesse started working part-time as a Kennel Technician while majoring in elementary education in college. It didn’t take her long to realize that her passion was shifting—she knew that she wanted to spend her days helping animals! Now, Jesse gets the best of both worlds: she’s able to care for pets daily while educating the area’s animal owners as Avalon Veterinary Hospital’s Practice Manager!

Jesse is from Sand Springs, Oklahoma and worked as a Veterinary Assistant while taking veterinary technology courses through Tulsa Community College. She’s worked in the Tulsa area ever since graduating in 2013, and was thrilled to become a member of the Avalon Veterinary Hospital family in February of 2018. Aside from her interest in client education, Jesse is especially fond of performing dental procedures and examining feline patients.

When she’s not making sure things run smoothly here at the hospital, Jesse can be found horseback riding, swimming at the lake, reading, catching great movies, and spending time with her own pets at home. She shares her life with three dogs—Oreo, Lemmy, and Pyper—as well as a rambunctious cat, Q, who was adopted from Avalon Veterinary Hospital.

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Photo of  Jesse


Veterinary Technician

Tobie has had a passion for fixing things ever since she can remember. When she finished her time in the armed forces and couldn’t work on military vehicles any longer, she decided to try fixing her other love: animals. Tobie hasn’t looked back since! She’s a Veterinary Technician here at Avalon Veterinary Hospital.

Tobie’s animal-care journey began at another local hospital, where she learned the ropes of the profession. Next, she transitioned to a busy emergency center before signing on at a surgical referral facility. In the fall of 2018, Tobie joined the team here at Avalon Veterinary Hospital, and she’s been tending to the needs of the area’s animal companions ever since.

She has a special passion for surgery work, and her favorite part of the job is learning new things on a daily basis.

Tobie’s interests away from work include photography, riding her motorcycle, listening to music, and enjoying the company of her own pets. She shares her life with a boxer and two loveable cats.

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Photo of  Tobie


Kennel Technician

Caitlin grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma in a family full of animal lovers. She was particularly inspired by her mother, who has worked with animals herself for almost two decades. For Caitlin, getting to give something back to the earth’s creatures is a dream come true! She’s a proud member of the Avalon Veterinary Hospital kennel team.

Caitlin is thrilled to launch her journey in veterinary care right here at the hospital—she especially likes holding patients so that they can get blood work done, and she’s fond of spending time with the clinic’s visiting dogs and cats during every shift. Caitlin also likes to jump in and help at the front desk whenever she gets the chance!

In her time away from work, Caitlin enjoys painting, creating new things, and spending quality time at home with her family and their two dogs.

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When her own cat fell ill, it was up to Jen to nurse her pet back to health. She found herself administering subcutaneous fluids, syringe-feeding, and even expressing her cat’s bladder—it’s safe to say that these experiences made a permanent impression! It wasn’t long before Jen decided that she wanted to help others’ pets in the same way; that’s why she decided to become a veterinary professional.

Jen is originally from Brunswick, Maine and began her animal-care journey as a groomer. After working with pets at another hospital for a time, Jen decided to look for a better opportunity—that’s when she joined the team here at Avalon Veterinary Hospital. She’s been a member of the clinic family since September of 2018, and has special passions for educating pet owners on nutritional information and studying samples under the microscope. Jen is also fond of doting on the clinic’s visiting kittens!

Jen’s interests outside of the office include playing the djembe, swimming, watching horror and sci-fi movies, and spending time with her family and pets. She lives with her boyfriend; his Doberman, Elmer; his two cats named Scooter-doo and Beaker; and Jen’s own cat, Kilala.

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Worksheets from Rainee’s kindergarten days proclaim that she wanted to work with animals when she grew up—her dream hasn’t wavered since. Rainee has wanted to help pets ever since she was six years old! She’s proud to make a difference in her hometown community as a member of the Avalon Veterinary Hospital family.

Rainee was only 17 years old when she began an internship with a local animal hospital. Two months later, she was hired on as an employee! She’s worked in the veterinary field ever since. Rainee joined the Avalon Veterinary Hospital team in August of 2017, and greets clients and patients as a member of the front-desk staff.

Rainee has four dogs of her own at home: Cosmo, an elderly Bichon Frise; a Bichon Frise named Toby; Moose the French Mastiff, who will play fetch until he drops; and a retired military service German Shepherd named Chief who especially loves to howl along with police sirens. When she isn’t tending to pets’ needs here at the clinic or doting on her own canine companions, Rainee enjoys working out, cheering on the Oklahoma City Thunder, painting, camping, traveling, and spending time with her boyfriend.

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Photo of  Rainee


Veterinary Technician

Holley was only 10 years old when she adopted her first puppy; their relationship lasted for 15 happy years, and Holley has held a deep love and respect for our canine companions ever since. For her, working in the field of veterinary medicine simply makes sense! Holley is one of the hospital’s Veterinary Technicians.

Holley first began working as a Kennel Technician while living in Harrison, Arkansas, and started training on-the-job to become a Veterinary Technician shortly afterward. She helped pets at that clinic for the next six years before moving on to another nearby hospital for a time. Next, Holley relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma for her husband’s job and signed on at a corporate practice for the next four years. When she heard about an open position here at Avalon Veterinary Hospital from a friend, she jumped at her chance to better pets’ lives in a close-knit, family-centered setting—Holley joined the hospital family in June of 2017 and has been caring for the area’s pets and animal owners here ever since!

In her spare time, Holley enjoys relaxing with a good book and doting on her own pets at home. She and her family have three cats—C.C., Hobiecat, and the extra-grumpy Gertrude—as well as a dog named Poppins.

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