Is your pet suffering from osteoarthritis? Without treatment OA can cause reduced mobility, but it can also cause severe pain. Have you noticed any of the following in your pets behavior?

If any of these apply to your pet, they may be experiencing OA. We now have a once monthly injectable treatment to manage this pain. Solensia for cats, and Librela for dogs.

Our pets, especially cats, do their best to hide any signs of pain, so even small changes in their behavior could be a sign of osteoarthritis. Pain can negatively impact your pet physically, and emotionally. Personality changes can also be indicative of pain. Treatment of their OA can help replenish their energy, as well as their comfort. Clients have reported seeing improvement in their pets mobility in as little as 7 days after their first injection. These treatments have been proven to cause a drastic reduction in osteoarthritis pain, and overall, a better quality of life for your pet.

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