Pets of the Homeless

Avalon is the only registered drop-off location for donations for Pets of the Homeless in Broken Arrow. We accept pet food or donations (via check) written directly to Pets of the Homeless. The donations are distributed to local churches, shelters, and soup kitchens in the area.

Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce 

The Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce has been invaluable to both Avalon and the Broken Arrow community. Avalon is an active member of the chamber, and we are proud to be part of an organization that promotes local businesses! Regularly, you can find members of Avalon’s care team volunteering at Chamber events to give back to the community which supports us so much!

K9 Manners and More

There are quite a few options for training when a family adopts a new pup. Avalon stand strongly behind K9 Manners, whose owner is also on the board of the SPCA. Their fear-free training techniques and focus on agility is tantamount to Avalon’s beliefs on training and obedience. We could not ask for a better neighbor! (They are located right down the street from our clinic.)

Lynn Lane Boarding & Kennels

Lynn Lane Boarding has been a part of the Broken Arrow community for over 35 years! They offer the highest quality of care and safety for dogs and cats while their families are away. Both short-term and long-term boarding are available, and there is always someone on site to care for all of the animals. Check out the birds and other animals they have rescued while you’re there!

Broken Arrow Animal Shelter

The Broken Arrow animal shelter is well-vested in the local community. Day or night, they do their best to keep homeless animals off the streets and find them forever homes. The BA shelter can be found regularly at local community and animal-related events. We are very happy to support their cause!