Canine Respiratory Disease

Respiratory disease outbreaks in dogs are becoming more and more prevalent every day. There has been an increase in complicated respiratory cases in the last year or so, with more dogs developing pneumonia or serious complications than is expected from typical causes of “kennel cough”. While we have not yet had any cases here at Avalon Veterinary Hospital, we are aware of its presence.

What should pet owners be aware of?

Isolate your pet if they develop a cough without a known medical explanation. Coughing dogs should not be boarded with other dogs as this could potentially spread a pathogen and expose others to the disease. Keep them home from daycare or any other regular outings.

Contact your veterinarian if your pet develops a cough, and monitor for progressive signs such as loss of appetite, lethargy, depression, or nasal discharge. An emergency room visit may be necessary if it is after hours, or if your regular veterinarian is not available.

Vaccinate your pet. Make sure that your pet is current on all vaccines including parainfluenza and bordetella. 1f your pet has never had the influenza vaccine before, call to make an appointment and return 3 weeks after the first vaccine for a booster.

Please call today to make sure your pet is current on everything they need.

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