And Meow, A Word About Cat Towers

Does your feline pal have a cat tower of her own to look adorable on? If not, you may want to get her one. Cat towers are actually very beneficial for kitties! Read on as a New Tulsa, OK vet offers tips on getting Fluffy a cat tower.

Benefits of Cat Towers

Cat towers serve many purposes. They offer your furry little diva a manicure station, where she can sharpen her nails. They also give your drowsy pet more napping spots to lounge around on. Towers also help keep Fluffy in shape by encouraging her to jump and climb. Last but not least, they give your feline overlord a good vantage point, from which she can oversee her kingdom and servants with that smug, superior look cats are so good at.

Choosing The Right Tower

While choosing pet furniture isn’t exactly rocket science, there are some things to keep in mind. If you have more than one kitty, choose pieces that can fit all of your pets at once. You don’t want Fluffy and Mittens fighting over who gets to use the tower! You’ll also want to choose something sturdy. If the tower wobbles when your furry friend does her nails, she may get nervous about using it. Keep your pet’s age and health in mind when you go shopping. Senior cats will appreciate towers with the lowest level close to the floor, so they won’t have to jump very high. Kittens, however, will probably prefer activity centers that incorporate lots of fun toys.

Refreshing An Old Tower

Has your feline buddy been ignoring her tower? There are a few things you can to do make it more appealing for your kitty, and rekindle her interest. First, give it a good vacuuming. Or, even better, steam clean it. If the upholstery is really worn out, consider recovering it. You can also try sprinkling catnip on and around it. Putting it in another spot may also work. Fluffy might have gotten so used to seeing the tower that she considers it part of the background. If that’s the case, moving it may make your furry friend think it’s something new, which will of course pique her interest.

Please feel free to call us, your New Tulsa, OK vet clinic, with any questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care. We’re here to help!

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