Cute Ways Your Cat Communicates With You

Cats are very mysterious little furballs. We may never fully understand Fluffy. Actually, it’s probably safe to say that we will never figure out some of our feline pals’ quirks, such as their obsession with boxes or their love of naps. However, kitties do sometimes try to communicate with us. Read on as a local New Tulsa, OK vet lists some adorable ways cats get their point across.

The Meow

Sometime cats are actually quite direct with their humans. Your furry buddy may speak up to tell you she wants to be fed right meow, or to ask you to pick her up or let her out. Of course, Fluffy may also chatter about the moth in the kitchen, or to offer you her thoughts on the weather.

The Mad Dash

Does your kitty sometimes run out in front of you as you are walking? This may be Fluffy’s way of trying to get your attention. Oddly, this often seems to happen around dinnertime.

Kitty Love

Cats have some charming ways of showing their affection and love. Fluffy may purr when you pet her or pick her up. She may also choose to snuggle up with you at night. Sleeping in your lap is another definite sign of kitty affection.

The Paw Grab

Some of our feline friends are actually very polite. Fluffy may snag your sleeve with her claw to formally request attention. Then again, she may smack you in the face with a paw when she wants her breakfast. With cats, anything goes.

The Half-hearted Attack

Cats sometimes have a hard time making up their minds. Never is this more apparent than when Fluffy switches gears, and suddenly goes from cuddly to, well, angry. Your feline pal may be purring and snuggling one moment, and then suddenly, out of the blue, start to bite or scratch. This is often a half-hearted attempt. If your furball is feeling playful or mildly annoyed, she may bite very lightly, or lose steam halfway through her ‘attack.’ Cats that are really mad will attack full force, and often hiss or growl. Either way, there’s no winning this one. Just leave Fluffy alone until she’s feeling a bit more sociable.

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