Take Your Dog for a Walk Week

Did you know that the first week of October is Take Your Dog For a Walk Week? Even if Fido has a yard to do his business in, he will still benefit from regular walks. Here, a New Tulsa, OK vet discusses walking your canine buddy.


Walking isn’t just important for sanitary reasons. It’s a great way for both you and Fido to get some exercise. A good stroll will also give your furry pal a much-needed change of scenery, which is also great for him. Sniffing grass also offers Fido beneficial mental stimulation. Dogs pick up so much information from scents that smelling a patch of grass is almost like reading a newspaper for your pooch.


Be sure to choose the right type of gear. Some dogs, such as small breeds, brachycephalic pups, and greyhounds, need special collars or harnesses. It’s also important to make sure that your canine companion’s leash is sturdy. Retractable leashes can be great, but avoid using them on busy roads or in dog parks. In summer and winter, use paw balm on Fido’s paws to protect them from hot or harsh surfaces. You may want some special gear for yourself as well. Get a specific jacket or backpack just for walking Fido. Keep keys, a whistle and flashlight, a phone charger, and waste baggies in the pockets. That way, you’ll only need to grab one thing on your way out the door.


Always put safety first! When you walk Fido on the side of the road, keep him to the outside. He’s shorter, and will be harder for drivers to see, especially around corners. Also, don’t let your pet go ahead of you when crossing driveways or blind spots where you can’t see cars coming. Training is also important . Make sure your pup knows and obeys basic commands, like Sit, Stay, Heel, and Come. Last but not least, if you wear ear buds to listen to music while walking your dog, keep the volume low enough so you can hear what’s going on.

Night Walks

For night walks, be sure to wear reflective clothing. Put reflective gear on your furry friend as well. Keep nighttime walks short and sweet, and stick to well-lit, safe areas.

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