Helping Your Dog Stay Cool This Summer

California summers can get pretty hot! The warm weather isn’t always easy on our canine pals: after all, Fido is wearing a fur coat! Here, a New Tulsa, OK vet offers some tips on keeping your pet cool this summer.


First and foremost, make sure Fido always has shade and shelter, as well as plenty of fresh water. You may want to consider getting a pet fountain. Wash your dog’s outside bowls daily, as they can get contaminated by bacteria and/or wildlife.


Try to walk and play with Fido in the mornings and evenings, when it’s a little cooler out. Limit your pup’s outdoor time during the hottest part of the day.


Some dogs will be more comfortable with a cool summer ‘do. Check with your vet first, however: haircuts aren’t suitable for all dogs.

Canine Comforts

Did you know that hammock beds stay cooler than regular pet beds? This is because they allow air to flow beneath them. These are also great for outdoors, as they are easy to just hose down. Fido may also appreciate having a fan pointed at him. Another thing you can do is put a cold water bottle in his bed, under a thin towel.


Some dogs are more sensitive to heat than others are. Brachycephalic pups, like pugs, lose their breath easily, and can quickly get into trouble if they overheat. Senior dogs, puppies, and pooches with health issues are also at elevated risk of heat stroke. Take extra care if your pet falls into one of these categories.

Paw Care

Have you ever stepped onto hot tar while barefoot? Ouch Keep your canine buddy’s claws trimmed, and use paw balm to protect his furry feet.

Cool Snacks

What better way to cool down on a hot day than by savoring a cold treat? Buy or make your pup some summer snacks. Doggy ice cream, pupsicles, and other cool snacks will definitely get Fido’s tail going. Ask your vet for advice on safe and unsafe foods.

Car Safety

Never, ever leave your dog in a parked car. Temperatures inside a locked vehicle can reach deadly levels very quickly! If Fido can’t go inside with you at your destination, let him stay home and nap instead.

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