Keeping Your Cat Indoors

Do you let your cat go outside? If so, you may want to curtail your pet’s adventures. While Fluffy may really enjoy fun outdoor activities, like rolling around in the driveway and ignoring you when you call her, she’s really much better off as an indoor pet. Read on as a New Tulsa, OK vet discusses keeping your cat indoors.

Dangers of Going Outside

Although your feline buddy may see herself as a cold, calculating hunter, she is actually vulnerable to many different hazards. Cars, weather, predators, and chemicals all pose a serious risk to outdoor cats. Your cute pet is also more likely to contract dangerous parasites or viruses, or get lost or hurt, if she goes outside.

Keeping Kitty In

It may take some time for your kitty to adjust to living indoors, especially if she’s had outdoor privileges in the past. Of course, Fluffy probably won’t offer much of a reaction if you try to tell her about the dangers of going outdoors. Instead, you’ll have to get her to change her mind about getting outside. When your pet goes near the door, do something that will annoy her without hurting her. You can squirt her with water, or just make a loud noise. Chances are, your adventurous feline will bolt for her favorite hiding spot. After a few incidents, your cat may start rethinking the benefits of approaching the door.

Purrs and Smug Looks

Making sure your feline friend is getting enough stimulation and entertainment is very important. Keep Fluffy amused and active by providing her with comfy beds, lots of fun toys, and a good window view. Your pet may also appreciate some kitty furniture. Look for something that will offer vertical space, such as a cat tower. If you want to give your furball a taste of nature, set out some pet-safe plants for her to sniff at and nibble on. You can find a full list of suitable plants at the ASPCA website. Taking time to play with your cat every day is also important. Pouncing and running keep your feline buddy moving and active, which is great for her physically. Play sessions also offer your cat beneficial mental stimulation, which will keep your cat’s mind healthy and prevent kitty boredom.

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