New Year’s Resolutions Inspired by Dogs

It’s hard to believe, but we are officially in 2017! As we pull down our old calendars and put up new ones, many of us are reflecting back on the last year and making resolutions for the new one. Our canine buddies can actually be very helpful when it comes to setting personal goals. Read on as a Broken Arrow, OK vet lists some great resolutions inspired by dogs.

Have Fun

It’s hard not to smile when watching a dog happily playing with a toy. Fido’s exuberance and happiness are definitely contagious. It doesn’t take much to get that cute tail going, either: a new toy, or even the promise of a fun walk can make your furry buddy bounce with delight. Have some fun this year!


Our canine companions absolutely love visiting new places. While Fido may be thrilled just to explore a new patch of grass, this taste for adventure can be very inspiring. Go somewhere new this year!

Listen To Your Instincts

Dogs are extremely intuitive. They know when we are feeling sad, and have a knack for sensing when something is wrong. Always listen to your instincts.


Did you know that dogs spend about half their time napping? Fido certainly looks adorable when he’s snoozing. While you probably don’t need to sleep quite as much as your pooch does, it is important to get plenty of rest.

Challenge Your Brain

Puzzle toys are great for Man’s Best Friend. They can keep Fido from getting bored while you are away, and offer him beneficial mental stimulation. Learn something new this year! Take a class, try a new hobby, or pick up a challenging but fun game, like a crossword puzzle.

Be Loyal

Dogs are amazingly loyal. They stay with us through good times and bad, offering unconditional love and asking for little in return. Stick by your loved ones when they are facing difficult times.

Be Yourself

Fido certainly doesn’t spend time worrying about what people think. Your adorable furry pal may look quite silly when he plays with the water from a hose, or rolls around on his back trying to get that stubborn itch, but he doesn’t care. Be yourself!

Happy New Year! Please contact us, your Broken Arrow, OK animal hospital, anytime. We look forward to providing your pet with excellent care in 2017 and beyond.

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