Autumn Dangers for Pets

Autumn is officially upon us! As the weather cools and the leaves change colors, many of us are pulling out our winter gear and storing our summer things. Although fall is very beautiful, it can also be quite hazardous for your beloved pet. Here, a Broken Arrow vet lists some autumn dangers for pets.


Autumn weather can fluctuate drastically. Be sure your furry buddy is prepared for cooler temperatures. If you have a kitty, offer her lots of warm beds to nap in. As for Fido, if he has thin fur, he may benefit from some doggy jackets or sweaters. We also recommend limiting your pet’s outdoor time when it gets cold out.


In autumn, many wild animals are preparing to hibernate, and could be rather grumpy. Don’t let your pet roam freely: you don’t want your furry friend encountering cranky wildlife! We recommend keeping Fluffy safe and sound inside, and supervising Fido’s outdoor excursions carefully.


Fall is a popular time for people to apply fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides, and to fill their cars with antifreeze. All of these chemicals are very toxic to our four-legged friends! Your pet could get sick just by licking their paws after walking across a recently-treated yard. Keep your four-legged pal away from treated areas. If you have an antifreeze spill, clean it up immediately, and cover the damp spot with sand or cat litter. We also recommend wiping your furball’s paws and belly down with a damp cloth daily, to remove pollen or residue from their fur.


Many late-blooming flowers, such as hibiscuses, dahlias, pansies, and chrysanthemums are toxic to pets. Mushrooms can also be very dangerous.

Leaf Piles

Fluffy and Fido often enjoy romping around in piles of freshly-raked leaves. This may be cute, but it can also be dangerous. Leaf piles can quickly grow harmful molds or bacteria. They also make great hiding places for snakes and other critters!


Many seasonal foods, such as candies, are toxic to pets. Chocolate; caffeine; nuts; grapes, currants, and raisins; and products containing xylitol are all poisonous to our furry pals. Hard candies and wrappers also pose a threat, as pets can easily choke on them. Keep that candy dish in a secure spot!

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