Litter Box Location Tips

Cats are known for their particular habits and discriminatory tastes, and this also applies to their litter box usage! Placing your cat’s box appropriately is essential in getting her to use it. Read on below as your Broken Arrow veterinarian offers helpful tips.


First things first—make sure your cat’s bathroom is accessible. It’s imperative that your cat be able to get to the box easily at any time of the day. Don’t make the mistake of putting the box in a room that might accidentally get closed off by a door. If your cat can’t reach the box, she’ll be forced to eliminate elsewhere. If necessary, install cat doors that allow your cat access as she pleases.

Quiet, Low-Traffic Bathroom Zone

Would you prefer going to the bathroom in a loud area with lots of people going by? Neither would your cat! Cats are very particular about the noise and traffic levels around their box. In fact, cats have been known to shun boxes entirely if they’re startled while using one. Ensure that your cat’s bathroom is placed in a quiet area where family members or other pets aren’t commonly passing through.

Far from Food Dishes

Cats don’t like it any more than you do when their bathroom is too close to their dinner. Place the litter box far away from food dishes, perhaps even on a different floor of the house. Cats have been known to shun either the litter box or their own food if the two are placed near each other.

Multiple-Cat Households

Do you keep multiple cats in the home? Some cats can learn to share a litter box, but that won’t work for every finicky feline. The general rule of thumb is to have one box per cat, and one on every floor, if you share your home with multiple cats. This can help avoid troublesome territorial behavior and in-fighting.

Elderly Cats

If your cat is entering into her golden years, her litter box requirements might need an update. Your elderly feline doesn’t want to traipse up and down the staircase every time she needs to use the bathroom, so add a box to each floor. Also ensure that the sides of all your cat’s litter boxes aren’t too high; some older pets might have trouble climbing in.

Ask your Broken Arrow veterinarian for more helpful hints on litter box placement and protocol.

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