Frigid Winter Weather Can Be Hazardous to Your Pets

Your retriever mix Max loves chilly weather, as his thick double coat keeps him toasty warm when temperatures begin to drop. However, since you adopted Max last spring, you’re not sure if he’s experienced the bone-chilling cold and snow your region often receives. You’ve developed a plan to keep Max (and your cat Susie) safe from potentially deadly winter weather hazards. Ask your veterinarian from Broken Arrow for additional guidelines on keeping your pets safe this winter. Learn more about pets’ cold weather challenges.

Icy Cold Temperatures

Even with Max’s lush double coat, he’s probably not prepared for subzero wind chills and blinding snow. In fact, this unpleasant weather can create life-threatening conditions for both dogs and humans. You don’t want Max’s ears, paws, and tail tip to experience frost damage. Avoid this danger by getting Max a toasty insulated coat, warm booties, and a super-warm hat. Even with this protective gear, though, Max can develop early frostbite symptoms. If you see waxy-looking skin and blisters, get Max to your vet quickly.

Life-Threatening Antifreeze Hazard

While Max generally listens, his wanderlust urge occasionally spurs him to escape through your home’s open door. Unfortunately, Max might encounter a vehicle that has spilled antifreeze from its radiator. If Max drinks some of the tasty liquid, he’ll become very ill and can even die. If Susie also escapes, she can face the same fate.

If Max or Susie sips even a few drops of antifreeze, they’ll seem drunk and might even exhibit convulsions. Their lives are in danger, so drop everything and rush your pet(s) to the vet or emergency hospital – don’t delay. Fortunately, you can minimize your pets’ antifreeze poisoning risks by banishing them from the garage and quickly mopping up spilled antifreeze.

Road Salt Paw Irritation

Winter’s icy, snowy conditions often lead city maintenance crews to apply road salt to streets and sidewalks. While the salt melts the white stuff, it irritates Max’s and Susie’s delicate paws. Make sure Max always wears his booties when he’s outside. Since Susie will hate the booties, keep her inside where she’s warm.

Feline Hood Hotel Follies

Susie loves watching the birds from atop your car’s hood, as that higher elevation gives her a better vantage point. When temperatures drop, though, Susie might crawl under the hood and curl up on the warm engine. If you turn the ignition key while Susie’s asleep, she can easily become injured. Before starting your vehicle, knock loudly on the car’s hood. That should give Susie a wake-up call and allow her to escape.

Your Broken Arrow vet will be pleased that you’ve taken the time to keep Max and Susie safe during your region’s unpredictable winter weather.

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