The Pure Magic of Dog Obedience Training

You could accurately describe your dog Rascal as a “puller.” Rascal often pulls you down the street on his potty walks, and you narrowly escaped injury when 70-pound Rascal unexpectedly pulled you down the steps at full speed. Although Rascal’s a good-hearted guy who wouldn’t even hurt a cat, he has never attended obedience school, making him a four-footed hazard everywhere he goes. In fact, your family and friends have stopped visiting your house until Rascal cleans up his act. Since it’s time to get Rascal into obedience training, you’ve asked your veterinarian from Broken Arrow to recommend a good dog trainer. Read more how about how obedience training can benefit your dog.

Structure and Discipline

Since Rascal’s completely out of control, you haven’t been able to visit the dog park or hang out with your dog-owning friends. After Rascal’s obedience class, though, he should be much better able to interact with other dogs and people.

When Rascal masters his basic obedience skills, he’ll sit, stay, come when you call him, and heel instead of dragging you around all the time. Ideally, Rascal will listen to your commands even when a distraction presents itself, such as a canine buddy or your friend with a tempting hamburger. Rascal will also learn about the consequences of ignoring your obedience commands.

Improved Socialization Skills

Since Rascal’s badly lacking in discipline, he probably hasn’t had much socialization training, either. That means his trainer will have to teach Rascal to play well with other dogs. Just like humans, Rascal will likely become good buddies with some of his classmates, and he’ll become well versed in acceptable (and unacceptable) behavior. Just think: you’ll soon be able to visit the dog park and visit with your dog-owning friends without worry.

Better Bonding Experience

You know Rascal’s a nice dog and a loyal companion, but you’ve had trouble bonding with a dog who frequently gives you road rash. Once Rascal receives some much-needed discipline, and understands his boundaries, you’ll likely be able to establish that special connection that you’ve missed.

Promising Social Calendar

While Rascal masters basic obedience skills, you can commiserate with other owners whose dogs also run amok. While you swap stories about your dogs’ bad behaviors, you’ll probably gain some welcome social invitations as well. Over time, you’ll develop a social circle of calmer owners and more obedient dogs.

When Rascal next visits his Broken Arrow vet, you can put your dog through his paces right there in the exam room. Of course, you’ll need to practice Rascal’s skills often so he clearly remembers his desired behaviors.

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