Improve Your Senior Cat’s Comfort

Your cat Smokey just turned nine years old. Smokey’s been with your family since he was a six-week-old kitten, and he’s always been full of energy and spunk. Lately, though, Smokey prefers to curl up on the couch rather than stalk birds at the window. Hopefully Smokey’s just focusing more on comfort as he gets older. He’s due for his regular checkup with your Broken Arrow veterinarian, so you’ll ask for advice on keeping Smokey’s life easy and comfortable.


Climate Controlled Environment

When Smokey was a kitten, you could never find him, as he was always stalking something in your back yard. He didn’t seem to care about the weather; in fact, he occasionally stayed out in the cold rain. Now, since he can’t regulate his body temperature well, he’d prefer to stay in your warm house. Smokey doesn’t tolerate humidity and heat well, either, so keeping him indoors eliminates the risk of summertime heat stroke.


Soft, Warm Bedding

Cats aren’t fools, as they know how to wrangle the softest, warmest bed possible from their human caretakers. You’ve always thought Smokey just wanted to be spoiled rotten; however, now you think he just wants to be comfortable. Keep his bed away from drafts, and keep some extra blankets handy in case he seems cold. An orthopedic bed would likely help Smokey, too.


Personal Grooming Session

Perhaps Smokey just can’t reach that spot on his back anymore. Groom him regularly with a gentle brush that won’t irritate his potentially delicate skin. While you scoop up some loose hair and stimulate Smokey’s circulation, spend some extra quality time with your favorite feline.


Accessible Perches

Give Smokey access to his favorite window by building a cat-friendly ramp or buying a set of pet steps. He still won’t be able to reach the birds gorging at the feeder, but he’ll enjoy his favorite activity once again.


Clutter-free Home

If Smokey’s eyesight or hearing is fading, make it easier for him to navigate around your home. Banish the clutter so Smokey has a clear path to his food, water, and litter box. Keep Smokey’s routine exactly the same so he keeps his stress level down. Installing night lights will help Smokey stay oriented during his nighttime rounds.


Team up with your Broken Arrow vet to keep Smokey healthy. After all, you want your top cat to remain comfortable and happy with your family.

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