What Happens When My Dog Goes to the Groomer?

Your adopted golden retriever Moe is looking like a walking canine mop head. His coat has grown since you brought him home last month, and daily brushing can’t keep it under control. You know Moe needs a trip to the groomer, and your dog-owning friends have recommended a local shop with a good reputation. When you take Moe in for some dental care this week, you’ll ask your Broken Arrow veterinarian for a groomer recommendation.


Arrival and Departure

Dog grooming shops generally don’t operate like hair salons. While Moe does have a scheduled appointment, his groomer probably won’t work on him immediately. You’ll deposit Moe at the grooming shop in the morning; and you’ll retrieve him at a prearranged late afternoon time. When Moe leaps into the grooming shop, the receptionist confirms your appointment, and asks about special instructions. These requests might relate to a special shampoo (bring Moe’s medicated or specialty shampoo), or perhaps specific coat trimming instructions. Then, Moe will likely mosey back to a kennel for awhile; or his groomer might begin her pre-bath preparation duties.


Beauty Rituals

Moe needs a good brushout; otherwise, his mats and tangles will turn into cement when they get wet. If Moe’s coat was a mass of mats, the groomer might give him a total shavedown, as removing the mats would be time consuming and painful. Moe gets his nails trimmed, and might also get a good ear cleaning. If Moe can’t get water in his ears, and his groomer knows that, she’ll carefully place a cotton ball in Moe’s outer ears.


Anal Glands

Once Moe makes it to the bathtub, he thinks he’s ready for a nice warm-water swim. He’s wrong. First, Moe’s groomer firmly expresses his anal glands, two small fluid-packed glands that usually empty when he poops. Yes, the process is smelly and disgusting, but keeping his glands clear minimizes the chance of an abscess or infection.


Dog Bath Central

Finally, Moe gets a wonderfully warm shampoo, skin massage, and rinse. Moe’s groomer dries his coat with a hand-held dryer or a well-positioned kennel dryer. He gets a nice brushout, and his groomer clips his coat according to his breed standard. If Moe has been a good boy, he might get a colorful bandanna.


Now that Moe’s a handsome boy again, he’ll be in fine form when he sees his Broken Arrow vet for an upcoming physical exam.

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